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With over 120 web sites to date, The Stem Creative has many satisfied customers! We love to hear from them and what they thought of their interaction with us. Let us know if you would like to leave us a review!

6 weeks ago, I knew I needed a website and asked the universe for guidance. Shortly thereAfter my iPad quit talking to me and I walked in to the office of the first hit on Google for iPad repairs and met this amazingly talented visionary named Rick. In just a Few short weeks, he has created for me my dream. I simply throw ideas at him and he takes them and runs with them. He is creative, intuitive, patient, skilled, efficient and visionary. He guides me when I stray, listens to what I am trying to do and then makes these ramblings into a real live cohesive package, in just a few short weeks, he has pulled together my logo, website, marketing, banner, trade fair booth etc, often under tight deadlines. If you need to step your game up a notch ( or 10), this is the man to call. Thank you Rick!!……..Tara, Spirit of Oneness Inc.

-Tara Sue Moore Via Facebook

I LOVE MY WEBSITE!  Rick was able to capture all of the elements I wanted in my site and make it look amazing.  I am especially impressed with the home page’s slide show for the psychic sketches and Rick’s artistic vision brought that to life.  It is great to get someone who can technically build a great site; it is even better when that someone has a great creative knowing to round it out to something spectacular. I am grateful to Rick for being that someone!

-Celeste S. Via Yelp

I recently hired Rick Gold to update my clinic’s website. He is very professional and was able to reflect my ideas very efficiently in the website design. He provides great web site support and customer management education.  I highly recommend Rick as a website designer.

-Lalitha M. Via Yelp