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Calgary Video Production Services

Video has been touted as the most effective marketing medium for quite some time now. Combined with web design, it can improve your online presence remarkably. Do you have a special event that you wish to have covered for prosperity? A product you wish to market? Give an overview of your business services?

The Stem Creative covers all aspects of video from development to final production of a project. Our staff will operate the video and audio equipment individually or we can coordinate a team for larger events. We can do all aspects of editing including graphics, video, and sound and then finally produce a product for final distribution.

Our staff are trained in H2S Awareness, ATV operation, EMR and CPR Level B, allowing us to access special industry sites such as seismic and or oilfield sites with the proper safety knowledge.

The Stem Creative will cover weddings, family events or concerts and produce a memorable keepsake. We can showcase your unique product in a story based meaningful way, or shine the spotlight on your own business and its services.