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Web Design

To date, The Stem Creative has been responsible for the design and/or development of 120 websites for individuals and businesses across Canada, the US, and the Caribbean Islands. Our aversion to predesigned templates ensures that our clients get completely custom sites that reflects their business, their product, or their message in the best possible way. And our fixed rates mean you will receive a fair and balanced price for our services.

We can design and develop sites from a single page web presence, all the way up to database driven multi-page websites. For fellow graphic designers, we can design and implement the technical side of the sites you have designed for your clients. We offer WordPress based Customer Management Systems(CMS), and richly featured online stores that you administer yourself. Our sites are built with streamlined Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and, if applicable, you’ll be included on our exclusive independent business listing site, calgaryibc.com.

Web Design Philosophy

In most web design houses, the design and development teams are separate. This can result in sites that are either too design heavy, and as a result difficult to navigate and use, or to development heavy, easy to use but not very creative or eye catching. By having one person with high creativity and advanced development skills deal with both aspects, you can get the best of both worlds. An extensive support network of amazing designers and advanced programmers allows The Stem Creative to call on additional creative and technical support if the need arises.

We plan for the future. By using universally accepted open standards such as HTML, CSS and PHP, you know that if the day comes where you want to bring your design and implementation in-house, future developers will appreciate and comprehend the well-documented, clean code provided by The Stem Creative. Additionally, having the client purchase and register their own domain and hosting will prevent issues moving or changing domain name information in the future.


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