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Logo For Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas – Project Spotlight

I love being able to come up with a unique way of representing a company to the world. Through unique and eye-catching logo design, we did just that for Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas based in Calgary Alberta. 

Alternative Plumbing heating

Alternative Plumbing Heating Logo Gets Elemental

As with most of our projects, our initial process involves coming up with a number of concepts for the client; and we typically don’t show those, but this time we’re making an exception. In the end, the client is always right, but this concept we really proud of internally. 

Alternative plumbing heating & gas

As you can see, the idea morphed into a single element being used. I felt, however, that visually representing each of the services looked fantastic! Had the client chosen this version, I would have refined the flames to look better. 

The Final Version

One of the important features of a logo, in general, is simplicity. The final version admittedly is much simpler, and effective. The shape of the acronym is very clear, but the water splashing out of bounds gives it a degree of dimensionality and fun. One of the advantages of a simple design like this is the ease with which it can be transferred into an embroidered design!

alternative plumbing heating

I love seeing my work in public!

If you have a business and you’d like a refreshed or new loo for, drop us a line!

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