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3D Drafting, Blueprints & Diagrams

One of my most satisfying creative outlets is 3D art and animation. When I’m able to use those skills in my business I enjoy it immensely! A fellow contacted me and told me of his new development out in Arrowwood, Alberta. He was building a new kind of commercial greenhouse, one that is partially underground to take advantage of geothermal heating so they can grow all year round. He had his rough drawings but needed professional drawings prepared for the community to review. 

3D From Blueprints

3D Rendering From Blueprints

As you can see, I wasn’t given a lot. After an hour-long discussion and some additional detailed drawings where he described the intended structure, I was able to visualize the final building. He supplied the basic dimensions, and the list of materials each section would be built of. The idea was to build the entire property in 3D, then render images from various perspectives. I would also include isometric-like views to show dimensions and highlight materials. 

I’ve always included a high level of detail in my 3D creations, and this was no different. This greenhouse was essentially built in 3D no differently than it would be built in real life. Each block of insulation, wood beam and PVC pipe section were the same dimensions as it’s real world material. 

Starting with an “excavation” in a block, I then placed wood beams, the foam insulation, and chainlink fencing to form the basement. Section by section I built out the roof structure and supporting walls. Placement of outbuildings and fences followed, with some landscaping to finish it off. 

Due to this being a project to show information, the photorealism factor wasn’t important. I aimed for a middle ground that looked great and was clear enough. 


The end product ended up blowing the community board away. It was perfectly clear what the client intended to build, the materials to be used and EXACTLY what it was going to look like. Compared to a flat blueprint, seeing the project in a 3D space was very clear.

The Stem Creative can provide a wide range of 3D services to help communicate your project visually. Do you have an idea in your head and want to see what it REALLY looks like? Do you have something you want to be printed out in 3D? Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Geothermal Greenhouse


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