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Category Archives: Project Spotlight

The Stem Creative is responsible for projects as a full stack, from beginning to end. Find out how we have approached certain projects!

Logo For Alternative Plumbing Heating & Gas – Project Spotlight

I love being able to come up with a unique way of representing a company to the world. Check what we did for Alternative Plumbing Heating!

Logo For Golden Horizons – Project Spotlight

We love a challenge when being tasked to designing a logo! This time we were given a beautiful photo of a bird to work from!

#116 – jmillarauthor.com

I’ve done websites for practically every business type.. but when I was approached by local author Judith Millar, I realized I’ve never done an author website!

Package Design – Pro or DIY?

Product packaging is VERY important! We helped out a local inventor with his, have a look at the results!

#110 – mainstreetbowness.com

We are proud to be part of the vibrate business community in Bowness, and were more then happy to help when they called on us to do their website!

Video Services – Behind The Scenes Project

See what The Stem Creative can do for you on your next company event or project! See the value in behind the scenes video has on your marketing.