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Adobe Flash is DEAD – 5 Years Of Death Throws

5 Years ago Steve Jobs penned an open letter answering the critics claiming Apple was stupid for not supporting Adobe flash… it basically boiled down to this:

.. just without the blood and exploding starship stuff. In 1,684 words detailed all the reasons why Adobe flash sucked. Of course the response from Android was to cozy up..

This relationship soon ended with it only ever having worked on super high-end flagship devices, and even then, limping slow and as full of bugs as a Indiana Jones temple. November 2011, Adobe THEMSELVES killed off development of Flash for mobile.

The years since have seen Flash shedding support everywhere, being flayed in public for its swiss cheese like security, and finally being dumped by its last hold outs.. web designers. (For the record, The Stem Creative dropped flash support years ago!)

Adobe Flash Joins The Dodo and Steve Seagal

Today, along with many great Creative Suite updates, Adobe has officially dropped the name “Flash”. A new program called “Animate” is putting Flash animation on the back burner as a second thought and HTML 5 animation is brought to the forefront.

With the father of Flash dropping the name, it can safely be said that Steve Jobs was right, flash is indeed dead. As a doornail. Finally.

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