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Choosing Your Web Company

It’s 2011, the Internet is now mature enough that majority of consumers are going to rely on your website as their initial point of contact with your business. Just like a face to face meeting, first impressions count, and like a personal meeting, a big part of that is your personal appearance.

How would you feel as a customer if you were to meet the owner of a business and they were dressed in a stained t-shirt, torn jeans and flip flops for your meeting? What if they had hairspray hair, neon shirt and tight stone washed jeans? You might be thinking in the first example that he doesn’t care about his appearance, and the second he was not exactly up to date with current fashion trends right?

To this day I still see examples of business websites that give the impressions mentioned above. Its found in most cases that it’s the selection of developer that causes this problem. In major design houses, there are separate teams that are responsible for the design of the site, and the development of the site.

A lot of companies that cater to small and medium business don’t have a lot of employees and most in fact have individuals that do both design and development. The problem is, very few individuals can combine these two very different talents effectively. In most cases, its a very talented developer that attempts to do the design, and the results can be an outdated look, or a very static, not visually appealing look.

Think about building house, would you trust the construction worker to be responsible for the over all design, or your interior decorating? You can be sure it would be well built, but an extremely low minority would have the true craftsmanship to build something really beautiful and eye catching.

The two most important things to remember when shopping for someone to do your website is cost and their portfolio. If the price is to good to be true, it probably is, just like every industry, you get what you pay for. Specifically, be aware that there is an influx of so called designers that simply take your content and plug it into a pre purchased design, which gives your business that uniqueness of a T-shirt off a rack at Wal-Mart. Always be sure to ask to see previous examples of their work, every web design company should have portfolio of their work.

With these simple pieces of information, you can shop for your web designer with increased confidence and be assured your results will show you and your business as positively and modern as possible!

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By Ryszard Gold of The Stem

Ryszard Gold
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