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Custom Twitter Backgrounds

We live in a 140 character world, but as a graphic artist, i’m still shocked at the very “Angelfire” look and feel of many profile pages! Sure, twitter offers a few backgrounds to jazz up your profile, but with the option to upload your own, most Twitters (Tweeters? Twits?) simply tile the image. I’ve even seen examples of having it hanging oddly in a corner, or even worse, in behind the feed, obscuring most of it!

But, if you get someone like me involved, we can make your profile look amazing! Using the guidelines provided by Twitter, some input from you and tools from Adobe, I can make you a custom background that look gorgeous, professional and even branded.

My own Twitter feed is branded for my Apple Repair business with large scale images of Apple products, contact information and graphics that communicate my services.


My wife has a beauty shop, and we’ve branded her Twitter profile with her number one seller, Hair Extensions.


Now, compare these to what they would look like with tiled images or a default background… which one looks better? The ideas are limitless…

Professional: Are you an actor or actress? Why not have your current character shot and show logo in a composition that flanks your feed? Give yourself a self branded twitter profile! Provide your favorite headshot and look like the real deal to your thousands of followers! Security can be ensured by teaching you or your PR representative how to upload the images properly.

Business: Just like your business card and website, your social media should be branded as well. It’s easy to do that with your Cover Photo on Facebook and to a degree your profile shot and banner on Twitter, but don’t leave the background out of the equation. Lets work in your logo and branding with a soft sales pitch!

Personal – Have a favorite picture of you or your family? Have an hobby or interest you wish your followers to know about? Let’s integrate that into a more pro looking background!

With no scaling in costs, this is affordable for everyone. And with no need for me to access your account, your security is ensured, I’ll supply the files and show you how to place them. Contact me today to get started!

Direct: 403-619-9121

Email: [email protected]

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