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Video Testimonials – Taking Customer Reviews To The Next Level

With customers using reviews on websites like Yelp, Google Places and Facebook to vet your business, it’s important to stand out. The Stem Creative can help you go beyond the basic review note with Video Testimonials.

Video Testimonials – Authentic, Personal and Engaging

Testimonials and reviews sites are rife with issues; accusation of fake reviews, negative reviews from jaded customers and the ability to purchase reviews has reduced customer confidence in the entire system. As a small business owner, I’ve been victim to competitors planting fake reviews, and know enough others that have suffered from such asshat tactics.

With a video review you get a more engaging medium, something that feels more personal because you can actual see the person and hear them talking about the business. It’s key to keep them short and to the point though as no one wants to watch a 10 minute documentary.

The Stem Creative Can Help

Our production team can take your existing video and produce it into a polished and professional clip you can then upload to Youtube or have embedded on your website. If you need, we can also come on site with our equipment and shoot your project, working with you to schedule and set up your location.

We can help you select music for you video, design leaders and a unique look and feel that sets you apart.

Call 403-619-9121 to take your customer reviews to the next level!

Video Testimonials from The Stem

The Stem covering the 2008 North American Solar Challenge.

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