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Video Services – Behind The Scenes Project

This weekend we were present and armed with our trusty Sony NX-5U at a photoshoot by Meital Studios for Xpose Beauty; tasked with capturing some behind the scenes video, it was an exciting to see what goes into a professional photo shoot!

Video Services

Owner Ryszard (Rick) Gold On Set @ Meital Studios

Video Services For Increased Engagement

Covering your event or project with video can be very valuable to your marketing campaign. The public loves to see behind the scenes content these days and flock to videos.

Since our tools were limited this weekend, we only had iMovie to create a small vignette to tease the senses. Best part was the fact we replaced the music at the very end with a Omi tune that seemed to click into place like lego! On three occasions the lyrics matched what was seen on screen.. a complete kawinkidink!

This photoshoot is part of a new product launch by Xpose Beauty in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


Ryszard Gold
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