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#110 – mainstreetbowness.com

The Stem Creative is proud to announce the completion of the new Mainstreet Bowness Business Improvement Area website! The BIA was looking to improve it’s online presence as what it had before simple wasn’t generating any interest and was near impossible to keep maintained. The over all design was very lacklustre and did not come across as professional.

The old site

We were approached by the board of the BIA because we are in fact a proud Bowness business. Our other family business, Xpose Beauty and ours is 2 out of over 60 businesses in our 3 block zone. We are lucky down here in that we don’t have a plethora of large chain stores, a majority of businesses are small outfits or simply mom and pops.

I wanted to create a modern, clean site that focused on the uniqueness and personal approach our shops down here take. One of the main features of the site is a large slideshow that spotlights each business with a lively interior and preferably an image showing customer service. The goal is to eventually have a shot from each of the businesses in the BIA, and as it’s randomly generated, each visitor would see a new business come up. This slideshow feature is also enabled on the directory pages themselves.


The directory itself is one of the things we needed to improve. The previous directory had unusual categories, no information beyond the name and number of each shop. We set down and looked at our entire business landscape and came up with well fitted categories that covered broad ranges, but were specific enough that businesses could be listed into multiple categories if their range of services warranted it. The category name for the local adult and marijuana shop was a interesting challenge!


The directory now shows each company logo as well as a nice description of each business. Fax numbers are a thing of the past and have been replaced by email addresses and website addresses. We’ve used iconography to easily identify contact items and differentiate categories.

With the built in CMS, the board of the BIA should be able to maintain the site for the foreseeable future!

This site is the 110th website designed and developed created by The Stem Groups Ryszard Gold.

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